Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-06

  • RT @EveTaylor88: whipping off the superwoman knickers #FW2W #go Eve go #
  • "The UK may face the worst crisis since the 1930's, if not ever" Mervyn King – wtf . Come on Mervyn lets have some positive talk #rubbish #
  • Message for Mervyn King – if you are thinking about a plan b, don't tell me as the last one you had was rubbish. Prefer my own, really. #
  • RT @IFABlogger: AMDs are 'paid up penalties' ? – – Looks like the good old days are coming back. #LangCat #IFABlogger #
  • For IFA's that really thought they were home and dry forget it reckon this will finish it. #Drawdown Disaster #
  • RT @IFABlogger: RT @pensionactually: Preparing to speak to a room full of actuaries on investment risk in the ppf levy #bored now #
  • RT @IFABlogger: Ok, Im off to do a bit! Yawn! #
  • NEISR research tells us what we already know. Don't tell Mervyn King though he has his own plan b #Banking Idiots #
  • Is it only me using Drop Box, was never a fan but the new interface and Mac compatability is great. Get yours here #
  • Social Media works and here it's not needed both are right but which one will you choose. #
  • Just watched Ivan massow on Secret Millionaire. A must watch on 4 od. Inspirational for his industry. #
  • "@vontrappmum: “@jeffprestridge: Prestridge's Sunday thoughts:” #notsuretheydo #

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