Is this the greatest time ever to be in business?

A couple of weeks ago I posted up a discussion on linkedin via the Sussex Enterprise group of which I am a member, and this was the subject line

Is this the greatest time to be in business ever?

I  had not thought much about the post until I started to get some feed back on it, and it has been very interesting.

The Greatest Time Ever  To Be In Business

The Greatest Time Ever To Be In Business

Certainly with the level of internet take up, social media and dedicated on and offline forums, getting business advice and help has never been easier. The question remains, is this the best time ever to be in business.

My response is this, of course.It has never been easier to find your market, web based research will show you where they are what they are buying. It has never been easier to advertise to them, with Pay Per Click and Blogs you can simply put together a great ad and then decent copy and product information to follow up.


It has never been easier to build relationships, with Facebook, Email, SMS, Blogging and Video all  tools that you have never had before and are so simple to use.

It has never been easier to try out new things, remember the days of the Printer, brochures took weeks to design, you could never get the quality of the images right and then the typos. Now with the internet and your website you can simply post a page in seconds, upload your images and then change it when ever you want. Easy.

It has never been easier to take money on line, you can be up and running with Paypal in minutes, really

. How long did it take to get your first Merchant Account.

These are just a few of the reasons why it has never been a better time, really.

It has never been easier to find, create and manage customers, to find new markets you just need to take of the blinkers.

Try this have a look inside your existing client database, find out what you have that they may want.
Create a webpage or email for the product or service and then tell them about it, you will be surprised  I promise you and you never know you may make a sale.

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Thank you for getting this far.  I hope this article helped.

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