That Voice In Your Head – May Podcast

That Voice In Your Head  – It’s not you…

In these posts, I share a little of my life, what makes me, me. Often the content is a bit strong – you have been warned.

This voice has been with me all of my life, it’s never been positive – it’s never really helped me or protected me – it’s just been there to reinforce what I was told by just about every other adult – I was not worthy, I am never good enough and I always mess up. I’m not educated enough, tall enough, not fit enough.  Come on, you know how it goes.

This is the same voice that you have – only mine is mine. I have no idea what purpose it serves, if it’s my ego –  my inner voice, I don’t know. Honestly I don’t care what it is – I just know it’s a liar. Every time I ignore it – life turns up a surprise, to show me that the voice was wrong, that it didn’t know, that it shouldn’t be listened to for any reason. In fact, I was in my forties before I realised this. Before you read on try this.

You can’t taste your tongue – go try. You can’t, that’s because it’s part of you (don’t get in touch with a biological explanation – I am not interested) your tongue is part of your dna, your makeup your whole being. That’s why you can’t taste it.  Using the same thought processes think about the voice, that inner arse that talks to you all day. You know it – you’ve heard it.

Read this slowly.  If that inner voice was really you, was your guiding conscious, your ever knowing ‘inner you’ you’d never be able to hear it, for the same reason you can’t taste your tongue.

As always with my podcast, parental advisory and all that. If you are listening in the car with the children -stop.

Please let me have your thoughts, they are important to me.

Thank you for getting this far.  I hope this article helped.

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