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Social Media for Independent Financial Advisers has never been more inportant, but is it  the only solution.

Following my comments in Profesional Adviser last week and following on from some emails and phone calls received I have responded above.

In simple terms it’s like this, there is a lot you can do with Social Media and there is even more you should be doing in other areas. One strategy we wholly support is making your marketing work/fit/be profitable no matter which medium you use.
Richard Smith –  Marketing and Internet Expert

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“so what is your plan b ? Another redesign of your Website, some more ad’s in the Yellow Pages, keep on doing the same old stuff you will get the same results that you have always got. To think otherwise is like New Labour thinking Gordon Brown will win another election and even a stupid business owner knows the answer to that”  Richard Smith – The Internet Consultancy- comment at The Internet Marketers Lunch – Strand Palace Hotel July 2010

Thank you for getting this far.  I hope this article helped.

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