Science Friday – Lifi

Between you and me I am more than interested in finding out how things work, what makes technology really deliver, and  I get excited when stuff comes along that literally lights the way.

If that makes me a geek or a freak then I’m cool with that. Think it was Bill Gates (yup the one from Microsoft) who said ‘be nice to geeks, there is a good chance you’ll end up working for one’.

In France, earlier this year some WIFI routers were banned in schools; reason high frequency radio waves (as emitted from WIFI routers and networking cards) are thought to be dangerous. In particular for the brains of children.

Which makes LIFI very interesting. Quite simply, some bright boffin has made a lightbulb into a WiFi router, that communicates with a computer via Infrared.

Yup that same infrared that works the TV via the remote.
Of course this opens up all kinds of safer options for the future and means that we probably won’t be bombarded with high frequency radio waves for much of our lives – probably been the biggest health experiment ever known to man.
The good news about these new LiFi networks is that they carry data at 42.8 gigabits over short distances whereas WiFi is less than 300 mega bits (to get 42.8gb in mb you need to divide 42.8gb x 1024 which means the  LiFi is about 400 times faster).

With money now moving at the speed of light, it looks like your data will soon be able move by the technology of light.

What’s interesting about this new tech is that each device on the network will communicate via a certain wavelength of light which should mean less error correction and even faster downloads. Should shut the kids up for when Towie starts on a Sunday evening again.

So what does this mean for your business? Probably not a lot for the time being, but like how Wifi and the internet changed much of how we work and play an even faster connection is likely to mean more everything speeding up  which will mean more and more being delivered electronically.
Just think of the possibility, massive downloads of data delivered in nano seconds, that delivers data to your home based 3D printer. What ever you want will be printed locally.

Surely will make waiting in for the Amazon delivery look a bit dated.
The good news is that people don’t change that fast, which means selling more to them using a range of proven tools and principles works well.

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