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You are a small business, turning over less than £1m a year, managing the business yourself – you have some sales and marketing issues – like you are just not getting the right leads if any and your profits are not quite where they should be. Automation and your website presence is slowing – despite you spending good money with the “SEO and Social guys”. Your concerns, profits, the future, how to make the best of your technology and getting rid of some of that administration.

GOOD NEWS – You Are Just About To Meet The Jesus In Your Very Own Bible Story.

I help small firms grow, grow their market presence and sales – along with profits, helping them make more money even if they are too busy to do it for themselves. I even have a beard.

“When you’re ready for the naked truth, or as I call it ‘balls out honesty’ to increase sales for your business, if you are running your own show – but need to get admin and processes sorted, if you think you ain’t making the most of what you have. Then you’ll need to know that it isn’t you, it isn’t a complicated science – but it is systems and effort – I will support you with both, helping you get all your stuff sorted in a timely and focused manner.” Richard Smith

I am an experienced sales professional with digital -and offline skills, an accomplished administrator, and a money expert – who works with small and medium-sized firms to boost sales and turnover in very short periods of time – gets your admin and processes in order and can help you with the money stuff – importantly I won’t tell you what you want to hear, that it’s going to be alright when it’s not.

What Nikki Hobbs (Sales Director – 10 person I.T Support firm) said about me …. “I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking to increase the success of their business.” Praise indeed.

It was nearly ten years ago that  I realised – as pro in the financial services sector – helping develop advisers in their own businesses – that you don’t have to worry about investing money in pensions, ISA’s or any other medium if you can simply make an offer or run an Adwords campaign and make – 10% profit every day rather than 10% per year profit from a pension, that is how powerful my work is now.

Yeah, really that’s how the figures stack up. It was at this point I knew I was onto something – one campaign netted enough for me to take a three month holiday later in the year – something you are unlikely to achieve investing in Bitcoin or some other investment.

Being in business today is not good enough – if your business ain’t standing out and standing for something you will be ignored. If you are not creating systems for repeat business to make sure your customers keep coming back – they sure as hell won’t – they don’t care about you. Are not interested in you.

If you don’t understand that customers don’t do what you think they’ll do or you don’t get the fact that you actually control very little in your business – and if you fail to create systems that take account of that – your world is going to crash and burn at some point.

Sales and marketing is the only thing in your business that will move it forward, sure expenses can be reduced – but that’s only ever a limited result – you can’t reduce your business costs to nil nor can you completely control any other process, but you can automate and then increase sales to any level you want.

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You may not want to increase sales and thats’ fine – if that’s what you want, if not I’ve developed tools and systems – to take away the pain to make it easier. To get the admin right, to sort the processes. Sales is always seen as a specialist area that few understand and most businesses are somehow afraid. I can take away your fear. However it’s the admin that bites you on the bum.

With a range of digital tools and skills along with knowledge of  how web based software actually works combined with a knowledge of physical and digital marketing – oh yeah let me include –  audio, video, search engine optimisation and social marketing, along with PR and ‘attraction marketing’. But also the practical stuff – face to face, creating offers and deals, negotiating with joint venture partners  – new markets.

Most business owners tend to outsource as much of this as possible which is why most businesses struggle – they don’t integrate things and don’t build businesses they can walk away from – don’t allow the systems  to work for them. Instead buy the bullshit from the local web designer, local SEO or Adwords gal and then after throwing hard earned at it – end up back to square one.


I don’t work like that and nor should you. Honest effort, based on skills and experience and no B.S – that’s what makes the difference. More importantly there are more interesting options to consider – your personal financial situation is wrapped up within the business – yet few of you think about making sure your own financial situation is secure – it should be that  – taking risk, putting in the hard work should be rewarded – or what’s the point?

It’s also about freedom, freedom not to turn up to the office today, freedom to move into new markets immediately, freedom to walk away whenever you want. This is what I call “making the work – work”.

Sales and Marketing For Small Firms

It has been all change for many years. The internet changed everything or nothing depending on your own view. Here is a short video I’ve done on the lead generation thing…

Solutions – online shops – email ordering – delivery – click and collect – clubs and memberships. processes, staff, technology.

It’s 2020 – we have Brexshit and the interweb that is cutting and dicing all of our conventions as we speak – there is no way you are going to survive without changing and adapting.  There are no politics anymore – even Prime Ministers used words like “f*£k business” – expecting anything coming out of Westminster to help you is madness, same as the local council. They are interested in one thing – increasing taxation and reducing spending. Support is hard to find, honesty is even harder.

In order to increase sales and profits you need to do these four things right.

  1. Automate your sales and communications  – so that the business is working for you even when you are not.
  2. Look very carefully at where your business is and find low hanging fruit – you are unlikely to sell stuff to cold customers no matter where your website is positioned.
  3. Maximise on selling all of your stuff to all of your present customers. These are people that already know and like you, you can increase prices at the same time.
  4. Test new products at the right prices to a targeted market place.
  5. Constantly move new products across your client bank.
  6. Go deep into a market not wide.

Even if you only get one of these right you’ll notice dramatic improvements.

I can show you how to do one or more of these and quickly and provide a done for you service.

Having a sales and business development professional in your business is something you may never have considered, nor want – but it’s the easiest way to to develop and grow – without having to spend a fortune  – buying in the skills or learning them yourself, as a freelance pro.. I will increase sales without increasing the overhead – I also offer a no-lose guarantee – not happy then don’t pay, it’s really that simple.  Yeah, I am sure pretty sure of my own skills.

When you are ready to get on the move with this, and need a part time sales pro working for your business, and one that comes with a range of digital knowledge and a can-do attitude get in touch, you’ll be pleased you did. Contact me using the form below, let me know a good time to call you back.

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