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Rural Business


So, you are right out in the sticks? COVID issues not going away?


I think I can help you solve some of your problems.

I work with small firms that are desperate to get moving. I won’t blow smoke up ya backside but will tell you the brutally honest truth about repairing your business as we move out of the 20/21 nightmares.


If people need to visit you...

In order for you do business – then your marketing needs to ‘attraction based’.

Technology is one answer

But you have a website and do a bit of social media – but it’s still not working. Then you may need a bit more.

Getting Customers In...

Is one thing, getting them back for more is ‘next stage’ difficult. But it is possible. It’s like a dating game, like the sex on a first date thing. Yup, we’ve all been there. 

Put a Pound in get five out.

This is all any of us are trying to do. Spend a £ to get someone in the door and make them spend £20. That’s how we survive as a business. Key is doing that, over and over again.

Wash rinse and repeat this.

Find your audience, tell them what you do, ask them if that is something they may like to do/need help with/might like to eat or drink – then offer them a reason to do that with you. 

If you are looking to sell more, with less effort and want to do that directly to your market  then get in touch today, we can talk about how to do that. This is not complicated, yes you can do it. 

Grizzled Old Fart

I’m a grizzled old fart. I’ve seen a lot of B.S, worked with some wannabees and plenty of serious people – who really did have problems before I worked with them.

Digital | Offline | Web | Social

Most of this is Not Complicated

But Not The Easiest Thing Either.

With my ‘follow the steps work’ more sales are guaranteed! Yeah, really. 

And No B.S.


Getting them Back

Making sure your existing customers come back is the start.
Having a conversation with them is the start.

We do this with some technology and a little Unicorn Fart.

Roadmap planning

Nah, this is bollocks. I have never used a road map in my life – save the first time I went to Northampton. What this should say is ‘make a plan’ then execute it. 

I can help you with that. 


Put a pound in

It really is that simple, we put a few quid and then see how that works, if it doesn’t we do something else. Always remembering it’s your customers that decide. Online | Offline | Offers | Social | Automation