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You really need to do this – Brain Dump.


A brain dump – tools required – Pen/Pencil and an A4 Pad.

Sit down in quiet room, alone and start to list down all of the stuff on your mind, all of the things that you must do, should do, will possibly do.

Include it all, bills to pay, emails to send, calls to make.

You should spend about 20 minutes building this list, write down everything no matter how small. Get it all out.

Once done, leave the list alone for a couple of hours (at least) and then go back it.

Select all of the items that will put money in the bank, or will bite you on the bum, Tax Returns, Bills to pay etc, Flowers for Anniversary’s and similar.

With the rest of them use this simple rule, will it put money in the bank, or will it bite you on the bum.

If it does neither of these, delete it and forget it.

You can now carry on with your life, knowing that you have space in your mind.

The reason you should do this is simple. Most specialists would agree that you only use about 3% – and less than 10% of your brain. Now if this was true, then why do strokes do so much damage? I think we probably use more of the brain than we think, so it makes sense to keep it free for the important stuff and not the junk.

Happy Friday to all.

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