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Small Business - Need More Sales?

Part of the solution to this lies in using the available technology. And then taking control of your relationships.



Government legislation and control by the social platforms will only get worse. E.g. What happens when you get locked out by Facebook, your website is hacked or taken down, what happens when everything is taken away from you.



Think I am wrong, think it’s only others that this happens to?



Your Business Money.

Making Sure This Works For You But Not By Taking More Risks.

Your Business Technology

Making Sure This Reduces Your Costs And Increases Your Sales.

Digital/Paper Marketing

They will tell you, digital where it’s at. And that is a lie. It’s more complicated than that. 

Your Business Plans

There is more to your business than you can see. If  you have control of moving parts then everything changes. Drop in some attraction marketing, work out what things make the difference and very soon the money will be the last worry you have. Get in touch, the contact form is below.

Easy Steps

None of this is complicated. If you can navigate to this page you have most of the skills you need to make this work for you. My unique small business package will show you how this works and what steps you need to take. You will never be alone. It’s a done with you service.

Our Business World Is A Natural One

It is natural to work with and buy from people we know, people we have relationships with and the it’s natural to get messages and contact from people we know and like. It’s why the big players email often and personalise the messages. It’s why social media platforms don’t use any of the tools they offer you.


Increase In Client Leads


Return On Spend

The Decision You Need To Make Now!

I have been doing this for so long now, I make it sound easy. Truth is, most of it is for me. Which is my offer to you. Provided you want some honest advice, provided you want to grow your business or make life easier with more money, you only need to take a few steps. Then repeat over and over again. Add in a little tech and howto and everything changes. Or you can keep your struggle. Send me your details below, no b.s, no hype. Just genuine help and advice that works. 

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There are three things I help you focus on.

Your route to market – technology, online shops, automation.

Your message to the market – what are the messages you send, how can you leverage customers and technology.

Your money – you that once you’ve spent a pound it never comes back to you. So we need as much positioning for our pound as we can get – making sure each one pound spend works.

    Business Resources – you are never left on your own. 

    Websites, sales copy, search engine work, social marketing, email and sms marketing, print and post automation. Joint venture planning and direct sales help. All in one place. 

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