Marketing Your Small Business – Is Like Trying To Juggle Cats.


None of this stuff is easy. Getting a website created, getting content up, making sure you start attracting potential victims to buy your stuff – is all damn difficult.

So where do you start? Of course getting the website done, does not mean you’ll be found online. In fact the big G makes it positively harder than it should be. The website is only the start.

You may have considered employing or working a Search Engine Optimisation firm, or been approached by a ” we guarantee your site a top place on Google” retard. Stuck in a call centre peddling rubbish on minimum wage type.

Reality, few of these firms will deliver anything for you. Getting a website ranked is not easy, but it’s very doable (is that still a word?).

You just need some rules to follow and an understanding.  So when you are ready to learn a bit more about what and how you should do it, get hold of my f report on the topic.

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Search Engine Optimisation Guide For Small Business 2017

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