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Happy Wednesday I’ve had a bit of a spat this week; see I don’t suffer fools and can’t usually be bothered to pick up other experts and their retarded ways, well that was until Tuesday.

I was at local event which seems to have sprung off from a local networking event anyway it seemed like fun and I hate networking per se.

One of the expert speakers was explaining in some depth about his ‘bright shiny’ new service and how it was delivering fantastic results for his clients and how happy they were.

With me being me I couldn’t help but dig a little deeper (bearing in mind on the back of my business cards it says “…the brutally honest truth in a world of self interested crooks, scallywags and charlatans.”

Turns out this guy was selling a package of Google Adwords, Web design and social media. Three things that work for us small business owners. I started digging and he named a client he was working with – bad ffin’ news for him because in real time I was able to pull up the business, search and dig.

What I found was more than a little shocking, in that over a ten minute period – while the guy was still presenting I’d manage to pull the campaign apart and watch the guy squirm as he explained that some parts of it were outsourced and not complete – yet he was using this as part of his pitch.

Boom, everything this guy has just said turned to rubbish, credibility out of the window.

The key to this is.

  • Adwords for your business works
  • Social media works
  • Having a good web presence works

But if you ever think about outsourcing it without understanding it first you end up with a retard in charge of your expensive and mission critical work. It’s one of the reasons I do what I do.

Happy Wednesday

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