Make Your Business Googleable

Making your business Googleable

has to be one major purpose given that we are now in a changed world. No longer are customers happy to pick up a local directory or newspaper in order to find your ad. They simply turn on a laptop or pick up a smart phone and then search for what they are looking for.

If you don’t appear on the first page, or at least on the first 2 pages you are not going to get the business from that particular customer. But that’s not the only issue, once your customer has gone they are normally gone forever never to come back to you.

So, becoming Googleable is a must (there are other search engines of course) the problem is that far to many Websites have not been set up correctly or have not been updated recently enough to cut through the rest of the competition.
So what are your options? The short video below outlines some of the issues.

Of course if you are having problems being found online, get in touch and I will do my best to help you along.

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