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You get the fact that growing a business (any business) in 2017 needs more than it did in 1996 then I can get you the results you want.

Sure, you might not like my abrasive style and sure you may have been told it’s easier than it’s ever been. Reality is somewhat different.

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10 Days of my very best advice. At no charge and no obligation. You get the very best of what I know, wrapped up in an irreverent but none the less truthful (and sweary) series of emails. Get in, they are on me. And will add many thousands to your bottom line.


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Small Business Marketing.

As your business moves swiftly through  2017 how are things going?  Are you profitable, do you have leads coming in faster than you can cope, are you the center of excellence in your area of business, the go to person for the thing that you do?

If you can answer yes to all of these you don’t need me. But I’d like to meet you anyway – you are the kind of business owner  I like to be connected with.

We  both know that times have changed for small business marketing. Once all you had to do was run some ad’s in the local paper and people would flood in. In 2017 it all seems a bit different, harder. In retail? How hard has that got in recent years

Problem is what do you do, how do you decide what you should do next with your business. What choice do you make about it’s future?

Which is where I come in and provide you with

  • Clarity – showing you what’s working and why.
  • Automation – moving your business to an autopilot and no not
    fully but at least partially.
  • An understanding or human nature, sales are more about the psyche now than they ever have been.
  • Reducing costs – which allows you to maximise profits.

It’s not about doing more search engine marketing or SEO or Adwords and more about making sure what you do works, puts your message in front of your audience.

I can give you some pointers on that.  It’s not only about increasing sales or raising your profile. It is about having more fun, making the business work for you. And if you can do that with some more time out of the office, that’s a good thing right?

Lead generation for your business, increasing sales, using automation to solve some problems are all possible – but you can’t do it on your own because if you could, you’d be doing it already. That’s where I come in,

Increasing Sales

Everyone seems distracted, heads stuck into  phones, ear buds in. All stuck in their own little world. How do you as a business owner break through all of that?

Now, the information that was once privy to a few people – the sellers. Is now available to everyone via the internet. Competitor analysis is now at the end of a smartphone, if you make or sell widget A and your closest competition makes  widget B some forty miles away, then your customer will know, it will probably appear in the same search screen.

The customer then makes a decision based on factors such as price, perceived quality, delivery times, collection times, is it simple to buy, is there a one click button, is delivery guaranteed, can I collect during the evening, is there a choice of colours, how can they trust you, the list goes on.

They may want it, but do they want yours?

The small problem for you as a business owner is this, you are not making the decision to sell; your potential customer is making a decision to buy (or not from you), they are really in control.  Daniel Pink’s book To Sell Is Human sums up this perfectly,  describing how information control is now firmly in the consumer’s domain and not yours.

But is that true? By taking a slightly different approach with your sales and marketing, being more honest about what makes you different, what makes your product different, by using the relationship you have built to create rapport and empathy with your potential customer you will automatically make your business and your product different –  make it stand out.

Therefore, making the decision to buy process much simpler. The problem is most  business owners don’t and it’s a road (even a fairly long one) to the poorhouse.

The evidence is all around you, think Woolworths, think Comet. Maybe even think about the thousands of small businesses that don’t make it past their first three years of trading. Nearly of these are either trying to sell something that consumers don’t want or don’t stand out as being worthy.

The first plumber that offers guaranteed appointments, with staff in suits or offers a no mess guarantee and brings their own tea and coffee will be the one that makes the most money locally. The first accountant that does evening visits, with a no cost guarantee – i.e that offers to save at least as much tax as their annual charge, will also be the one that does more business than his competitors.

The first hairdresser that offers a pre-club blow dry with a limo to the pub on Saturday evenings will be the busiest.

I can hear you laughing at these, but I am not trying to be funny.

Fact is you need to make yourself different, do something different. If you want to build a unique club of raving fans you need to stand out, stand for something. Or not.  The choice is yours, but the information dump is going to increase as Google and Facebook along with others continue to push for more data available and not less.

Ten Days of My Best Advice
10 Days of my very best advice. At no charge and no obligation. You get the very best of what I know, wrapped up in an irreverant but none the less truthful (and sweary) series of emails. Get in, they are on me. And will add many thousands to your bottom line.

Once you have worked out what your different things are, what you do that makes you stand out,  you then need to build some technology into the sales process and then start to tell your story. It’s so darn easy now.

None of these are the right answer for you, sometimes the answers maybe a more than one of these.  But I speak to business owners every day (I do actually live by what I show) who want a quick fix, to sell some vouchers, to do some social media, to run some Google ad’s – all of which are doomed to failure in the short to medium term.

Really, you may as well sit in your back garden and burn five pound notes, at least these will keep you warm for a bit!

They are doomed to failure because that’s what everyone else is doing.

Let me ask you this.

How many retweets, likes or shares have you banked this week? How many vouchers have you sold with no profit?

These things are only tools to help you with your message, they are tactics.  Tiny tools to help you on your way – they are not business processes that are tried and tested.

Cashflow, deal flow and a return on the cash spent is the only thing you should be focused on.

Importantly, by using many of these  tactics you don’t even own the content or the platform or the relationship with the potential customer. Your Facebook page can be pulled by them at any time. Your Google Ad’s can be banned, or your site delisted at any time. Then what? Boom, your business is gone.

“Your business can make more sales, you can  increase your profits and put more earned cash in your pocket along with burying your competitors all at the same time.

Importantly you won’t need to find God, join a cult or sacrifice your first born to do so.”

All you have to do is stick your name and best email address in the little box  below and I’ll show you some ways of doing business more easily and with more profits.  Don’t forget to include your current website address and one problem you want to solve ASAP.

It’ll take me a day or so get back to you, but I’ll solve the problem for you.  I Promise.

Do it today.

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Ten Days of My Best Advice
10 Days of my very best advice. At no charge and no obligation. You get the very best of what I know, wrapped up in an irreverant but none the less truthful (and sweary) series of emails. Get in, they are on me. And will add many thousands to your bottom line.