Lead Generation – don’t wait for Teresa.

Teresa has decided that an election is the way forward.

One half of me thinks she knows what’s she’s doing and just wants her own mandate and the other half of me thinks only about burying Corbyn and the Labour party.

You may wonder why I’m even bringing it up today.

Couple of reasons.

Whatever her reasons, over the next few weeks the papers, social media and the newspaper are going to be bombarding you with views and opinions – all of which are a going to be a massive distraction.

Importantly, no matter your views and opinions, no matter how you are going to vote, no matter what your ideology or opinions about Government or politics. Not much is going to change.

Sure you may see some tweaks, sure you may see some additions and changes to policy, but in the scheme of things nothing much changes for us business people.

You need to go sell some more at higher prices and to more customers. Do that often enough and it doesn’t matter who is in power cos you’ll have enough financial freedom to not give a damn.

Nice place to be.

For those of you still on the fence,you can join me on the Ninja training


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Do either of them and you’ll be on your way.

PS My mantra of do nothing get nothing still applies. And if you are waiting for the ‘right’ moment or Government policy to swing in your favour, it’s gonna be a long wait.

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