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Lets be honest in 2010 most  UK businesses believe that some kind of Internet Presence or E Commerce makes  a lot of sense. However I am constantly being told that there is no time, or there is not sufficient income in order to be able make decent in roads into the Automation and Web  Enabling that all firms should be doing.

Having thought long and hard and considered my partners and the  options carefully I think I have an solution for you.

It’s this.

You need Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Sales Funnel redesign, Sales Process Re Engineering, help with Automation , help with Social Media (another buzz word) etc etc.

Problem is your Web Designer just does not get it, nor does your Technical Support and of course the Wife just wants you home earlier.

Key is you might not think that it will work for your business (trust me it works for all business).

So before you finally give it all up and face the fact that your business might not be going as far forward in these areas as it might have. Stop and consider this.

I bring to your table/office/workroom/van a complete package of assistance, I.T support and Consultancy, Search Engine Optimisation, Digital Media Marketing, Sales Process – Profitability engineering and a lot more (overall some 30 years of business experience, and some 10 years of Internet Marketing) with No Downside.

If you are a start up with one or more staff, or a SME with a Sales  Force and are not currently bringing  lots of business (profits) from your Internet Strategy we need  to speak.

You see I am happy to work with you and your business on a pure profit share and or equity. That’s the same basis that you work on. Fact is if we both get it right we both win.  Surely a nice position to be in.

In the first instance call me below, or use the form to make direct contact.

Richard Smith

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Thank you for getting this far.  I hope this article helped.

I work with small firms, micro businesses and start ups. Those firms that are stuck don't know what to do next. 

If you've found this item helpful and you want get some hands on help, on a done with you basis (that means I bring the skills and you do the work) then drop me a text to 0774 007 6226 - same for WhatsApp or use the contact form Small Business Help.

Do that now. We can schedule a time that works for us both. No charge, no obligation but by appointment only.

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