Independent Financial Advisers need to up their marketing game…

.. if they are to survive.

I have made some comments over the past couple of weeks that are bound to pour a large amount of fuel one someones fire. However the reality Independent Financial Advisers are not getting this marketing lark, in particular in the are of ‘new media’ (Internet Marketing).

The regulator is keen on banning all forms of advertising and does not seem to get Social Media, Email Marketing or use of the Internet, and I am not sure why, perhaps a call will be required.

Look, if you are an IFA and are not swamped with leads and enquiries  at the moment I am not surprised. You will need to change and adapt, as I have said before.

Internet Marketing for IFA’s and Social Media for IFA’s  is not going away, your clients are desperate for the contact.  Lets look at this way, if you had an invite the BBC’s Money Box Life in the next couple of weeks, would you refuse it in case you could not get compliance approval? I think I know the answer. There is no difference between Social Media and any other media.


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