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Before  I move on to give you a couple of little  nuggets I thought I should talk  about Eastenders and the complete scandal of it all, licence payers money. If any of you are watching it, no wonder you are concerned about the FSA and the RDR. Get some focus.

In the time it takes to watch Eastenders you could have created simple Web Post that may have been the angle you need, or may have driven a bit of business towards you. Simply put, a little action often brings great rewards.

IFA Marketing.

So here we are, IFA Marketing is not a new thing for us (if you want to see why have a look around these pages  and you will find that  we are kind qualified). One of the campaigns started in August of last year (2009) has performed as follows:-

800 visits this month (Jan-Feb 2010)  this has been increasing steadily for the past 4, and the visitors are lapping up content i.e. they are staying to read much of the content posted. How do we know this, well we have IFA Marketing Analytics and full reporting for all of our clients.

28 Solid Enquiries 3 of which have gone on to do £9,500 of business.

33 New Possibles added to the Newsletter list.

Oh and all of this was A U T O M A T E D no human involvement at all until the client said “I want to buy”.

This was done with a target of just one product area. If you want more information on this please contact me below and I will provide you with the details.

Now I know that if you are an IFA and are not currently getting your Marketing to pay dividends for you don’t wait get in touch TODAY. We can promise you a result or your money back.

Don’t bother phoning your Web Designer, they will only repeat what they have already done.

There is not another IFA marketing firm that is delivering these kind of results within tight timescales and within the budget that we can offer. Nor of course with a MONEY BACK – NO RISK Guarantee. No we are not desperate just good or why else would we bother.

The link to our maing page is below

IFA Marketing Experts

Of course you can take no action and go back to Eastenders, whatever you decide I wish you well.

Richard Smith

Thank you for getting this far.  I hope this article helped.

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