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This week we have the launch of Get Britain Trading, the brainchild of the Forum of Private Business (FOPB) which of course is one of the recommended organisations for those of you running UK based franchises (both small and large)

The aim is  to raise awareness of the huge contribution small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make to the UK economy, which of course we all know and understand.  The FOPB seem to making all of the right noises when it comes to small and medium sized enterprises which of course is welcome.

The Forum is calling on as many SMEs as possible to get behind it by visiting a specially-created website –

On the site, business owners are invited to sign up to the ‘Get Britain Trading pledge’, which is an expression of support for the campaign and its aims. By taking a few moments to input an email address, business owners will receive a free practical guide filled with expert advice on common small business issues such as bank lending, late payment and cost reduction amongst some other and this information to be commended.

My concern is that the FPB like other similar organisations are managing these campaigns in order to generate a buzz around them and in reality the campaign delivers very little for SME’s.

I do stand to be corrected by them or any other organisation if I am wrong but it seems the points they are trying to argue do seem to be missed by most Politicians and this has never changed.

Whilst  I wish them well with the campaign I can’t help but think energy could be used elsewhere for better effect.

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