Free On Friday


The idea that our system of politics and Government is not working as it should has been around for years – but to date there has been no cohesive plans around solving these problems – save more of the same.

My idea around Free on Friday is this.

We take the most unproductive part of the week, the bit when everything is slowing down, more or less stopped as our weekends beckon and then…

Use some of that slowed down time to push for change.

An hour writing a letter to an MP.

An hour on social media – adding topics to discuss.

An hour reading and formulating opinions.

An hour discussing possible changes with strangers, friends and family.

It’s based on the idea that tiny action, tiny movements bring great change eventually.

And we really do need change – just at the moment we are just not working towards it.

That’s it.

It is not complicated. >>> Get in touch when you are ready for more.

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