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Pension Reform – Double Dip – Spending Cuts

It’s a wonder anyone wants to be in business in these miserable times.

Having spent a couple of hours watching Bloomberg TV today, and then a little BBC News I reminded myself why  I never watch it, once you buy into this stuff you can be assured it will change your life for ever, only negatively.

Modern Business  Owners (and start up’s ) need to rethink the strategy – even if you could get advice from the Government would you want to take it? An organisation that gets all of it’s income from taxation and  if it doesn’t deliver the Politicians still get paid, and of course if the Local Council Official overspends local Council Tax Payers money what happens to them?

Choose your advisers carefully, and note that none of the above is coming to save you.

Watching too much TV (watching others meet their goals) is always an activity that needs to be limited.

Whilst the Dragons Den was on last night,  I sent 8 emails to prospective customers who had indicated they were not happy with their Websites (in all fairness I have not met many business owners that are), today – I have had 2 new meeting requests, and 1 acceptance of consultancy quoted last month.

Now I am sure James Caan and  co do a worthy job but  I will be buggered if I am going to spend too much of my life looking to them and hoping for inspiration  when my clients and yours are desperate to do business, or at least increase sales. Something we do best.

There are hundreds of new business strategies available to you right now. Question is are you going to take advantage, don’t expect a call from your web designer  though most of them are struggling to pay their bills as well.

Richard Smith –  Marketing and Internet Expert

Provided you want to…


“so what is your plan b” ? Another redesign of your Website, some more ad’s in the Yellow Pages, keep on doing the same old stuff you will get the same results that you have always got. To think otherwise is like New Labour thinking Gordon Brown will win another election and even a stupid business owner knows the answer to that”  Richard Smith – The Internet Consultancy- comment at The Internet Marketers Lunch – Strand Palace Hotel July 2010

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