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In order to be a success in business you need more than to just be good at your business, your marketing needs to be excellent as well

You need a website that works – which means gets indexed by Google – ideally Page One – and which gets a constant stream of traffic.

We can either alter your existing site, if it’s built on something cool that we can effortlessly use, or (and this is more likely) we can create a brand new, keyword optimised, site for you (that can even look just like your existing site if you want it to).

** See below for details of exactly what we will do for you in this setup package

You need to be able to measure your traffic, know which key words and phrases are bringing that traffic and whether that traffic is turning into leads and sales and we do this for you, in several ways.

You need a comprehensive Social Media presence; at the minimum, to include a Twitter,, Google Local, plus a Facebook page.  A Linked In, Ecademy, YouTube and/or EzineArticles profile might be appropriate for you too and if so we build these in.

All of these should link back to your website, the new central hub of your online AND offline marketing.

What Do You Need To Make It Work?

You need to get your online marketing integrated with your existing offline marketing and there are no Web Designers which are presently doing this, only people like us that really get this marketing in the new economy stuff.

You need to know which of your marketing efforts are converting to subscribers / leads and sales.

You need to have a system for converting leads to sales on a regular consistent basis.

You need to keep your prospective customers “warm” and keep reminding them who you are, what you can do and most of all, what you can do for them.

You need to get us to take your existing database online, or start building you a new one, using a reputable mailing list host, and to be able to keep in contact with that database regularly via  regular communication..

Your existing customers, clients or casual footfall needs to be made aware of the massive benefits of joining your online community and how to do that.

You need to keep up to date with your Social Media profiles, add followers and friends, follow relevant people in your industry, and, to keep the search engines interested, add new, relevant content to your website regularly.

Great News!  We Can Help You Or Even Do All That For You!

We offer one setup package, plus TWO different ongoing programmes, depending on your desired input and your budget.

We are VERY focused on your return on investment.

(Hint: Our ideal client will already know the value of a new customer, the value of a new customer over a year, and have an idea of the lifetime value of a customer)

Or we can become invested in your business, by becoming your Marketing Department and doing it ALL for you, meeting you quarterly, and taking care of ALL your marketing activities.

We offer this in return for an agreed percentage of your turnover, as reported on your last VAT return, on an ongoing contract basis with 90 days notice on either side. Sounds Great. What Do I Do Next?

Contact us now to book your complementary one-hour Business Marketing Plan Audit and to tell us all about your business.

Simplycontact us using the form here with three days and times you are free to talk on the phone initially, and we will get right back to you.

Starter Marketing Initial Setup Package Includes:

1. Market research to find top competitors & influencers in your niche

2. Keyword research – essential for targeting most searched terms

3. Optimised  Website (see notes below for more detail)

4. Pillar content population – about, contact, services, testimonials, video reviews

5. Email Automation account set up, sign up box & autoresponder series

6. Current social profiles linked up back and forth (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc)

7. Google, Yahoo & Bing local places pages set up and linked to site

Monthly Maintenance Package #1

1. Manage social profiles –  follow / friend / tweet/ hook up with new influencers

2. 2 x blog posts per week (we source keyword relevant content for you)

3. 2 x unique articles written & uploaded to Ezine Articles per month

4. Leveraging these  two articles to many more article sites to create more backlinks

5. Social Bookmarking & Organic Link Building

6. 2 x Emails set up and sent out per month

7. Blog Software Upgrades, Back ups, Security

Monthly Maintenance Package #2

1. Manage social profiles –  follow / friend / tweet/ hook up with new influencers

2. 2 x blog posts per month (we source keyword relevant content for you)

3. 1 x unique articles written & uploaded to Ezine Articles per month

4. Spinning & Leveraging same two articles to many more article sites to create more backlinks

5. Social Book marking & Organic Link Building

6. 1 x ezines set up and sent out per month ** (text only for better delivery rates) linking back to blog

7. Blog Software Upgrades, Back ups, Security

The choice is yours, in this new economy, we have a range of options for you to increase business substantially and the rest is up to you. Firstly and email and then a call, simply and easily.

On a share of the increase in income you cannot lose, and have everything to gain.

In the first instance  use this form to give us your 3 dates to call you back

Richard Smith – Small Business Lead Generation Expert

“so what is your plan b ? Another redesign of your Website, some more ad’s in the Yellow Pages, keep on doing the same old stuff you will get the same results that you have always got. To think otherwise is the same as  Labour thinking Corbyn will win them election.”  Richard Smith – comment at The Internet Marketers Lunch – Strand Palace Hotel July 2016

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