Data Security

Data Data Everywhere and no security in sight.

One of outcomes discussed at Davos, Switzerland in January 2009 was the implications of the Internet Crashing via some kind of Denial of Service (DOS) and the whole world being dragged to a standstill because of no access to the Internet, a real and possible threat. >>

One of our concerns over here at the Internet Consultancy is not only threat of the World collapsing during a sustained attack directed to stop the Interner working, but the probable earlier problems Businesses will face when Doreen in the office (Sorry to use your name again Doreen) downloads  a file or adds a friend on her Facebook and your Office Computers are infected with some Bad Software which could crash your Computers, Steal Data or just cause problems with Slow Running.

Fact is this is happening day after day across the World because:-

Most Small and Medium Sized Businesses do not have in place processes and procedures to deal with this threat; this is due to a lack of understanding and a lack of fear of the threat.

Nearly all the Businesses we  review   do not have adequate Data Encryption and Data Backup in place, not only is this extremely dangerous (most businesses do not survive loss of data) but do you really want all of your Staff Looking at all of your date, all of your confidential files? I think not.

There is also a misperception around this area of your business, in that most business owners think it is expensive, or difficult to implement. The reality is a lot different. Call us for free on 01323 660058 (Richard Smith) or Richard Smith 01249 463 409

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