Coupons Are One Of The Easiest Ways To Grow Your Business.

As the owner of a business you already know that your customers want deals and offers, of course they expect great service but what really gets them is a great offer.

You also need more leads coming into the business and more visitors to your website. Conventional advertising is no longer as effective as it once was and your customers are bombarded with messages from every quarter.

You can download a special report Voucher Marketing below

Importantly you are forced to compete with Groupon and Wowcher and these are expensive if you decide to use them, your business ends up supporting their business in a wholesale give away, any fool can see that selling quality service at a 75% discount is madness! 

It just is not possible to make profit  from voucher deals and most small businesses enter into these arrangements blind – i.e not fully understanding the implications.

You know  that your customers want to pay less – and you have an idea how to make an offer but what you need is to  get it in front of them easily, look  even if you wanted too get a ‘Groupon Style’ offer out today you will need to :-

  • Work out the deal
  • Get some flyers designed
  • Get them printed
  • Get them posted
  • Wait for a response

I genuinely wish you good luck with all of that – you could be taking days out of your working week only to find that the offer is not liked by your clients, not a good place to find yourself in, so being able to move quickly is a very useful addition to your armoury.

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You will need some more information on this, which I why I have prepared my business short course, which covers the issues of vouchers and marketing in some depth – you will certainly have an edge over your competitors once you have worked through the course. It’s delivered via email so it’s easy peasy – and  I don’t share your information ever. That’s just not my style.

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What you need is control of your advertising and to be in a position to react immediately and get instant income using vouchers without the need for printing, posting or messing around. Using a process that leaves you firmly in control.

… the systems I have  developed over the last three years (that makes twenty three in total) you could be offering daily deals to your customers in hours – and at tiny fraction of the cost you expect to pay.

Like you I am constantly amazed that far too many small and medium sized firms are not offering vouchers and taking control in this area of business; especially given that conventional marketing is not delivering.

You and I both know there is a lack of decent support for small and medium sized businesses simply because there are very few good advisers and even fewer implementors in the market place and there is a bigger problem, in that the perception is it’s difficult. We have been doing this for the past 16 years and have proven skills across a wide range of businesses ~ our clients call us the implementors because we get things done.

Every adviser to small businesses wants to sell you a solution – their solution rather than provide a solution that works, and the reason they are not offering you the right solution is that nearly all of them are not creative enough or bright enough. Fact. We are keynote speakers at Sussex Enterprise and Federation of Small Business events have been for the last ten years.

You think that running voucher type schemes are expensive and difficult to do and that perception is your reality – your thinking  it’s difficult to do nothing could be further from the truth.

Answer me this one question….

Do you want to be able to promote your products and services when you choose? 

I am glad you answered yes.

Do You Want To Instantly promote products and services when you choose?

Do You Want To  keep the lions share of the income unlike Groupon and Wowcher?

Well now you can !

You can test promote products or services, here is an example..

Our  Fishing Tackle Shop client promoted 20% off a Carp Fishing Rod and could have sold it 20 times – guess what later that month he did by simply firing off an email to those that were not successful with the first offer. Get in touch today for a no pressure chat about Coupons and Vouchers, along with Daily Deals for your business.

You can instantly test offers and adapt messages – testing is more important than anything else.

You decide to combine offers or make them stand alone and build in Up-sells. If you are undecided about the power of these just walk into McDonalds and check the pricing when you are asked to ‘go large’ – it’s bloody amazing what it does to profits.

The reason all of this makes so much sense now is because of a couple of shifts.

The first shift is in the technology and software that is around now, you may remember your website first costing a couple of grand to get completed and now web design is a commodity and prices have plummeted.

  • Software that was many thousands of pounds is now available for free or very low cost.
  • Telecoms and other providers are all dumping products on the market which means costs have plummeted.

You can download a special report Voucher Marketing below

The power of the web and social media now means it’s possible to connect with many people instantly. The problem is your customers have the thinking power of ‘broccoli’ – and have to constantly reminded that you are there. If you don’t remind them and provide deals – Groupon/Wowcher and many others will.

The bottom line is you have no choice but to go head to head with them, engage your customers and make them an offer they can’t refuse but on your terms.

With the newly available technology it’s easy for you to create and make offers for your clients and potential clients and get the offer out to them using automated tools. You can also ‘max out’ on your social connections and make the same available to everyone connected with your business.

Whats more you can expect to incur costs when doing any kind of marketing and doing it the way we recommend your costs are capped, you pay once and have the systems in place for as long as you want.

Call me today on 0845 226 91060845 226 9106 or use the contact page – or email and I will outline exactly how this will work for you, as we are implementors you could be using these systems within days.  

My Coupon and Voucher – Small Business/Start Up Business Short Course Is Available Below.