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Business Blogging.. Is it possible to raise the profile of your firm just by having a blog?

Of course it is. After the Sussex Enterprise event at the Cooden Beach Hotel I had a good number of questions about blogs, how to set them up, and what options are the best.

So I decided to put together a short manual outlining the options and the best ways of moving forward with a blog.

As you know from the presentations there are several options for each business and I have outlined the best of these in short document. I explain how I use a blog to get me free PR (worth over £45,000 in 2010,0,000 in 2011 and currently in 2012 on target to exceed both of those), and it’s all Free.

Covered in the manual is:-

The best type of blog to have.
How to get it online
How to find content for your blog
Research and your competition
How to use Video  in your blog and why you should

This manual outlines the process our staff use when starting from scratch, and gives you an overview of what you need to do next and how to do it.

There is some more

In the next week or so I will be releasing  the enhanced version of this manual along with some first class ‘insider information’, this is same information we use to generate thousands of pounds worth of free PR for our clients.

Send us you details below and I will email you immediately the manual and let you know as soon as the rest of the information is ready.


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