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Social Media

Why this medium could be the worst for your business and why Social Media experts should be banned from working with small to medium sized firms, then again what is the opportunity from Facebook, Twitter and Insta – Snap.

Search Engine Optimisation.

Why this only needs to be done once for each of your websites site and what to do next.? How not to compete with any other business? The ten steps to skipping the foreplay and having immediate sex with the Google Bot on a first date (protected of course).

Taking Apart Your Competitors Sales Campaigns

Why you need to reverse engineer everything your competitors are doing and use the best bits for yourself.

Joint Ventures and Partnerships.

How to enjoy a mutual relationship without the long term issues, and why you need to focus on these now.

Using Pay Per Click without going broke.

Why 80% of firms using Pay Per Click don’t make a profit, and what you can do about it.

Why Your Website Sucks! How To Get Your Website Designed For Peanuts And Be Loved  By The Search Engines.

A talk covering the ten points you need to be aware of when thinking about getting rid of the ‘white elephant’ you have at the moment.

PR For Small Firms

How to make this really work for your business (with Judy Sharp).

Mindset – How To Take On The Big Players And Win – In Any Industry

Your mind is a problem, no matter how good you think you are you are being held back  and I know why.

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