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Adwords For Small Businesses.

As a small or medium sized firm in the UK  there is a fairly good chance you have heard of Google Adwords or some kind of Pay Per Click Marketing and how this marketing channel could benefit you, if done correctly this can be a powerful medium to use. Certainly it's a cost effective model. 

Problem – it seems that very few firms can manage to set these up correctly and make Adwords pay.

There is also the issue of many businesses getting sold Adwords Marketing as the panacea, solving all of your marketing problems. If only eh!.  

One thing I do when working with new clients to review all of the online strategies with a view to tweaking or adjusting things to make them more effective, by that I mean either increasing the number of sales or leads generated using a scientific process and not by making blind promises. There is no magic pill, no perfect solution – at least not until some have been tested and P R O V E N.

It simply is not possible to accurately promise anything, using any method of marketing for your business. There are just too many variables, it is however possible to guarantee one or more results – not always the one(s) you wanted. Online advertising is powerful – you can test things quickly, find out what works and then do more of that. 

The real power is you can test things in real time and simultaneously – which you can't do using other mediums.

No matter what business you are in there are The businesses that provide lead generation services for your industry, nearly all of these use some kind of web based platform along with pay per click marketing in some way. Any of the leads that are generated in this way sold on to those willing to pay the highest price, and this applies to products and services from double glazing to financial advice.

It is therefore safe to say that online marketing using Google ad words works, however it needs to be done properly. In my experience of working with firms over the past 12 years very few other large consultancies actually get this right for small businesses, purely because  the needs of smaller firms are dramatically different to the major PLCs in the UK. In this three video masterclass I want to walk you through some of the basics that many Google advertisers get wrong, and to show you how to avoid spending more than you need to spend for this class of marketing. I don't believe that this part of your business process should be outsourced to any third party, however fully understand that there is a learning curve you need to go through or to have a trusting relationship with your Adwords adviser.

The idea behind these videos is this,  once you have watched them and made some notes you will understand the basics and be able to put together your own Adwords campaign in a competent way.

As always I am happy to provide you with some help and guidance on this issue, it cost nothing to chat. Contact me using the form at the end of this page.

Richard Smith Google Adwords Adviser

So onto the first video we go.

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I hope you enjoyed that here is the second.

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And the final training in this masterclass

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As soon as you are ready to discuss how these mistakes affect your business please get in touch.