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The Internet Consultancy – Business Opportunity.

Giving you the skills and knowledge to build a business during the greatest movement in technology since the Steam Age.

Consider the last 10 years. We have gone from having an Internet Service that relied on a Phone Line Connection to a service provider and painfully slow download speeds to a Modern “Wireless” World where the BBC allows  you watch the last 7 days T.V online and the Phone Book has been replaced by “doing a Google ™ on your mobile phone”.

Over here at The Richard Smith we provide a range of services, supporting Small and Medium Sized Businesses, and  also Individuals with Internet Security (making sure Kids are safe online) to Web Site Development and Marketing Solutions for Local Traders and Firms that really want to get on the Internet and have no idea how.

As this age of Technology moves forward many will be left behind as the skills required are in very short supply.

Our business is about building relationships and growing long term ‘residual income’ for our Associates.

We only offer a Self Employed Option, as we believe this is the only way to provide a truly flexible working environment, and the rewards you deserve.

What you will need to succeed

  • A desire to really grow your own business.
  • An understanding of the Internet and the related Technology (knowing  that it exists will do at this stage).
  • Be flexible and hard working (it is your business after all).

We will provide you with

Full Training (ongoing and initial) at no or reduced charge.

Full Support and help with developing your business.

Expertise in developing business and marketing.

This is one opportunity to take hold of your life and move it forward, in one of the few Growth Areas of today.

Contact us below  using the form, or call on 0845 226 9106

I look forward to hearing from you.

Richard Smith – Associate Development Director.

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