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Richard Smith - Small Business MarketingYou want to know more about me?

Over the last twenty years or so I have been a professional within the financial services sector, and retired from that recently  in order to focus on my wife’s ill health – now all sorted.

Rather than return to a full time business I now work with firms that struggle to get honest answers to business development and marketing questions, and those of you that are sick of the shiny suited liars that seem to be offering ‘business and sales’ consultancy – most of them have never run a business in their lives.

I am a freelance ‘increase sales’ guy. Nearly everything  I do is designed to help you as a ‘business owner” cut through the layers of crap and give you some focus on what works, and only that.  I am also a bit cocky about because…

You want something a bit different for your business right, to introduce  some street smart savviness into everything you do, from your finances to your marketing – you are in the right place. But only if you really want it, I don’t work with wannabees or scam artistes.

I guarantee all of my work in full. If I say you get x or y and you don’t then I will continue to work for free until you do. There is no other consultant, freelance or business adviser that guarantees their work in the same way. Spend £100 with me and I guarantee you are least 10 x that back. That doesn’t mean I do all of the work, but it does mean that  I work with you to get the result – whatever that is. 

Sometimes I can be a bit harsh, and if I think your business is beyond help – I’ll tell you. It doesn’t mean I am right, it may just mean we are not a good fit.

Whether you want some telesales made, or email campaigns created or would just like to get things working better for you I have wide range of digital and offline skills that will solve most ‘sales’ problems for you. Startups are welcome, but be warned I do tend to tell it how it is.

My fee is always fixed and paid via direct debit/credit card and is fully refundable if things don’t work out, but you have to put your arse into it.

Contact me using this form or directly on 0774 007 6226



Below are three important documents, read and enjoy.


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