2021 – Post Covid Fugg

Richard Smith and Associates

Small Business Consultancy – that makes the difference.

Provided you’ve realised that doing business in the same way as everyone else is working out quite like you planned it.

Could be a lack of technology, your processes not quite working, maybe even the cash flow is not quite as expected (post Covid).

You may even be struggling with getting all your ducks in a row, maybe it’s marketing, maybe it’s you and the wholesale distraction that is going on now – the news for example.

If you’ve got issues around cashflow, pensions, borrowing and business debt, sales and marketing.

Online or off. Perhaps you are just stuck, in a rut or with systems.

Could be, you are sick of being offered solutions that you feel just won’t work.

Then you and I are playing the same game.

Get in touch, let me know what you’d like solved. I’ll solve one problem for you, without commitment or obligation. When you are happy with that solution  and understand my skills are we can talk about the bigger picture stuff.

Happy working on day rate, per hour or a share of income. As a grizzled old pro…. I know where I can help, where I can add most value, all I need do now is show you.

I look forward to speaking to you. Form is below, use it.

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Debt Help – if you are self employed and struggling to get a shimmy on, or to get your debt under control. My download and half an hour of my time is available below. This may not solve all of your problems but it will move you forward and I’ll give you a plan to move forward.

Self Employed and Small Business Debt Help

Thank you for getting this far.  I hope this article helped.

I work with small firms, micro businesses and start ups. Those firms that are stuck don't know what to do next. 

If you've found this item helpful and you want get some hands on help, on a done with you basis (that means I bring the skills and you do the work) then drop me a text to 0774 007 6226 - same for WhatsApp or use the contact form Small Business Help.

Do that now. We can schedule a time that works for us both. No charge, no obligation but by appointment only.

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