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Distressed Business Enquiry

I am able to provide assistance in wide range of areas and have funding/resources available for a range of business finance problems:-

  • Bank financing issues/security (I can often get this removed).
  • Short and Medium term financial stress.
  • Longer term funding issues.
  • Commercial Landlord issues.
  • Retirement/Post Retirement planning.
  • Businesses with Final Salary Pension obligations.
  • Ageing Directors/Key Staff.
  • Outright sale or merger.

Most business financing problems can be solved via one or more of my specialists. Please use the enquiry from below in the strictest confidence.

There is never a charge to dicusss the options.

All enquiries are in the strictest confidence.

Please use the form below or call on 0800 781 2031 or mobile 0774 007 6226 before you call your Accountant of a Liquidator.


Business Enquiry Form
Please complete the information as fully as possible. If you are not sure of the answer just state 'not known'.